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An artist as well as a passionate promoter of nature, science and local art.

Scott Gillies

Scott Gillies is a passionate promoter of nature, science and art. Originally from Viking, Alberta, he now lives in Victoria, BC. After completing a science degree in Forestry from the UofA, Scott worked in the forest industry for six years taking him to Northern BC, Alberta, Northern Ontario and Missouri. This science background and appreciation for nature was a constant influence on Scott’s art. Scott was passionate about art from the earliest age but it wasn’t until 2006 that Scott decided to study art at a higher level. Moving to Vancouver to study Animation Art & Design was a life changing experience that set him on his current path. After 18 months he completed the diploma and was approached by Nerd Corps Entertainment, a tv cartoon studio in Vancouver, to work as a professional character animator. Scott spent almost five years bringing characters to life and working his way up from a Junior Animator up to Animation Supervisor. During this period of time Scott continued to hone his skills of sculpture, illustration, filmmaking, painting and photography.

In 2012, Scott made the leap to launch his own company called Azara Effect Productions.  The company focuses on video production, animation and illustration. Scott's science and art background combine effectively to allow him to create captivating videos. 

Azara Effect Productions

Azara Effect Productions (AEP), located in Victoria, BC, is a sole proprietorship owned and operated by Scott Gillies. The combination of education, artistic talent, and experience, coupled with a background in science, has helped AEP produce numerous visually engaging and effective informational videos. Scott Gillies, director/animator, usually works alone to complete projects but, when a need arises, will call on several subcontractors to meet the needs and scheduling demands of the project.

AEP produces animation and live-action videos, working from the rough script through to the final launch of the video. Illustration, photography and DVD creation are additional services that are offered by AEP.

The logo design is inspired by a tarsier, an amazing animal I had witnessed in Singapore years earlier. This tiny primate moved with such explosive speed punctuated by long, frozen pauses and seemed like a cool animal to name an animation studio after.

One of AEP’s greatest strengths is our ability to enhance videos with artwork and graphics. Animated titles, motion graphics and artwork are techniques AEP frequently uses to add appeal to videos and further engage the audience. Scott Gillies is an experienced animator and artist who can utilize this talent and knowledge to enhance video projects and increase production value. As well as being an animator and filmmaker, Scott is also a painter, sculptor and photographer. Bringing these skills and together help to enrich his video productions.

Azara Effect Productions began with Love Floats For Some Reason and later Jarot Seisman; Frontlines Beautician but only became an official company before starting work on Clubroot of Canola Disease Cycle for the Canola Council of Canada in late 2012. This video went on receive tremendous acclaim for the academic world as well as the agriculture industry. In 2016 it was awarded the Canadian Phytopathological Society Education Award. Since that first plant disease video I have made dozens of videos with a broad range of subject matter.