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From Idea to Launch

Azara Effect Productions (AEP) excels at analyzing needs and assisting with development of concepts for the videos. Upon the commencement of a project AEP will arrange a phone call to discuss with the video producer, the scope of the project and the vision for it. Tone, style, intended audience, platform for the media as well as time and budgetary constraints will be determined. Once these factors have been determined AEP will pitch several ideas to the producer using illustrations, reference video clips and a description of the idea. Another phone call will be arranged to discuss the various options and decision will be made to either expand one idea, hybridize several ideas or go back and explore new concepts. Once the producer is happy with the idea for the concept, further development will proceed.
AEP has top quality video cameras, lights, microphones and the training to make this equipment capture remarkable footage and audio. For live action video shoots AEP will provide expert advice on lighting subjects, locations for video shoots, various styles of filming that would complement the tone and style outlined earlier. The video script will be reviewed prior to shooting and suggestions will be made in the interest of rhythm, flow, editing, and brevity.
AEP can provide storyboard animatics of the video project in preproduction so that creative and editing decisions can be made relatively efficiently by the producer at this stage. Using Adobe Photoshop, After Affects, Premiere Pro and a temporary narration track recorded by us, we assemble a movie out of simple drawings. This primitive version of the final video proves to be very useful in showing the client generally what will be seen, how long it will take and how the content flows. Decisions about what
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visual elements are needed and how they will be displayed or animated can be made relatively inexpensively at this point.